JAD Advisory

Jason Fong

· JAD Advisory 执行董事
· Aegis Communication 创办人
· SOMO 年度畅销书《资本运营》作者
· 担任三家上市公司独立董事· 曾帮助超过 100 多家上市公司和中小型企业创立品牌,提供定制化的公关战略,并在企业融资ESG事务方面提供专家支持

In the dynamic realm of corporate consultancy, Jason Fong Jian Sheng, 35, has carved a niche for himself as a luminary with an unparalleled grasp of Malaysia’s capital market. With over a decade of hands-on experience under his belt, his leadership has been the backbone of numerous success stories.

Jason’s prowess can be traced back to his visionary role as the founding director of Aegis Communication Sdn Bhd, an Investor Relations firm. Under his astute guidance, many public-listed companies on Bursa Malaysia have witnessed robust and progressive business growth. Jason’s knack for crafting compelling investor relations roadmaps has been pivotal, enabling his clients to achieve, and often exceed, their ambitious goals.

His clientele is a testament to his versatility, spanning diverse sectors. From the rapidly evolving technology domain to industries with pronounced spillover effects such as property, construction, and consumer sectors, Jason has made his mark. His forays into commodities, infrastructure development areas like oil & gas, transportation, healthcare, and notably the trading and retail sectors, underscore his multifaceted expertise.

Harnessing his deep-rooted network and insights in the Malaysian corporate sector, Jason stands out as a strategist par excellence. He has consistently formulated approaches that augment shareholder value, driving organizational profitability and efficiency to new heights. His strategic imprints are evident in pivotal corporate initiatives, from IPOs and M&As to private placements and rights issue exercises. These blueprints have not only accelerated client growth but also fortified their regional competitive stance.

His proficiency in crisis management, enriched by an expansive market knowledge and a vast network across investors, government, and private sectors, cements his reputation as a dependable pillar in the industry. His enduring rapport with the Malaysian business media amplifies his ability to strengthen brand and investor communication.

Jason has also ventured into the transformative world of blockchain. Through strategic partnerships, he’s exploring the exhilarating spaces of the Metaverse, NFTs, cryptocurrencies, Web 3.0, blockchain development, DeFi, and digital influencers. As an early adopter in digital marketing, he’s at the forefront, championing the wave of decentralized innovations. Recognizing the global momentum, Jason is orchestrating a groundbreaking marketing campaign to advocate a broader adoption of blockchain technology in Malaysia.

Complementing his vast portfolio, Jason also holds distinguished roles in the corporate world. He serves as the Senior Independent Non-Executive at XL Holdings Berhad, the Independent Non-Executive Director at G Capital Berhad, and the Senior Independent Non-Executive Director at Eduspec Holdings Berhad.