JAD Advisory

Desmond Chan

· JAD Advisory 执行董事
· DCA Advisory 创办人
· SOMO 年度畅销书《资本运营》作者
· 2018年荣获 MIYE Award
· 2019年《商业菁英特刊》受访对象
· 曾接受 CityPlus FM 邀请,主讲财富完整传承课题

Desmond brings a wealth of experience to the insurance industry, boasting an impressive 19-year career with a strong focus on life insurance. Furthermore, his expertise extends to the realm of Trust Planning, where he has dedicated another 19 years of his professional life with UBB Amanah, solidifying his reputation as a highly knowledgeable and seasoned expert.

Through his extensive tenure in the life insurance sector, Desmond has amassed a profound understanding of a wide array of facets, including in-depth knowledge of insurance products, astute risk management, and a keen ability to grasp the unique needs of his clients. His role as a Trust Planner has equipped him with unique insights and professional knowledge in wealth management and estate planning, which allows him to provide clients with efficient financial planning advice and services.

Desmond’s expertise doesn’t stop at insurance, as he is also well-versed in financial planning and risk management. This proficiency grants him a profound understanding of his clients’ financial security and planning needs. He is driven by a strong commitment to continue delivering high-quality service to clients, with a view to making invaluable contributions to their financial security and planning needs.

In 2018, Desmond was recognized with the prestigious “Malaysia’s Top 100 Most Influential Young Entrepreneurs” (100MIYE) award. This recognition isn’t just a reflection of his personal efforts but also acknowledges the remarkable achievements of the businesses and teams he leads. He aspires to continue playing a leadership role and making substantial contributions to the growth of businesses and the advancement of society.

During the same year, Desmond had the privilege of being featured in the “Family Private Finance” series, where he shared his professional knowledge and experience in the area of testamentary trusts. As a featured guest, he provided valuable insights and advice to a diverse readership, thus playing a pivotal role in helping people gain a better understanding of their financial affairs.

In 2019, he was interviewed as part of the “Business Celebrity Interview” series, recognized as an AEPP-Rockwills Professional Will Planner and UBB Amanah Trust Planner with 19 years of expertise in professional wills, trusts, and insurance planning. Through his professional acumen, Desmond has assisted nearly 1000 families, ensuring that they have solid financial plans in place. His expertise and services have made significant contributions in the field of financial planning, securing legacies and insurance coverage for families and providing them with a brighter future.

Desmond’s literary achievements are also noteworthy, with two published books to his name. His first book, “Capital Operations,” delves into the intricacies of capital operations and management, offering readers valuable insights into the world of business capital. The second book, “Eagles Among the Elite,” provides readers with profound insights into outstanding individuals within elite circles and reveals the secrets to their success, offering inspiration and guidance to help readers achieve greater heights in their careers and lives. Desmond hopes that his books will prove to be a source of assistance and inspiration to his readers.